Social Experiment

This is an attempt to get the word of David LaPoint’s discovery “The Primer Fields” and it’s related theory’s, laws, and concepts. All rights belong to him, his patents,his copyrights, etc.

I have a theory myself.

David, if you read this. I get it. It’s not that the observer causes the position, it’s the position that creates the observer.(I’ve started calling it “Expected Existence”)

I’m doing this because I think there are some predictive barriers to this information being accepted by it’s environment. I am therefore attempting to invalidate these through inference. I have not changed the context of the data, and I have documented all my work, theory, etc. Long story short, I would now expect an interview, AND 1 social greeting! 🙂

Here goes:

Experiment – To attempt circumvention of specific social and cultural barriers in communication. In the model, the interference inhibits dissemination of data clear in it’s understanding, that invalidates social norms. (Ie. Status quot defenses shut down this as even possibility.)

Action – Bypass this through psychological, behavioral, predictive manipulation of the inferred data prior to it’s dissemination.

Projected outcome – To see a significant increase in communication related to it’s subject matter.

Wish us luck!

It is found here: The Double Slit Experiment – Experiment

Update: Matter = Experiment #2

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