Another Observation On Social Change




This one is going to take a few of you off kilter.

Subject matter here is racism and sexuality. Please try and relate to the context as any other interpretation is incorrect. Thank you.

The world is going through change. We already know this  ….”so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed.

Many people don’t really get how this could happen. I’m going to try and give a few examples that should kind of clear things up.

First of all, it is important to understand how cultural norms affect ethics.

If we look back at our recent history, we can stop at our grand, to great grandparents as a reflection of what human kind has been like for the most part since almost the dawn of time.

One reason for this is because of the ways that things like tradition affect moral and ethical behavior.

Up to our grandparents, moral attitudes and ethical boundaries were instilled through very firm behaviors and traditions. The way you interacted with others who accepted or violated these cultural boundary’s affected the way you in turn were judged by the group.

This was the social norm for almost all of human history up to this point.

I have to make sure you understand this.


As the world, entered the last few hundred years, we’ve had a lot of really heavy stuff to fix.

We did some of the paperwork a while back, but remember what I said about change? We didn’t do that until just recently. Then all of a sudden we started dealing with race, sexuality, and equality. The very things that the controls of tradition have been there to maintain.

Here’s the deal though. An entire human history of tradition where human equality was rarely a consideration, race was a factor in virtually all considerations, and sexuality was considered a sin. …In an average of only three generations have challenged, and changed not only the values, but the cultural norms as well.

That is absolutely astounding!

In three generations






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