Hey Achmed! – September, 2011



Local dictator giving you the blues?
”There’s an app for that!”

With no more technology than today’s current cell, wireless access, etc., and with
primary social media sources (Twitter,) and
A central figure or party, a long history of civil unrest, nor, any formally established organization, opposition movement, or call to action by religious leadership,
A couple of people came together and said.


“You know that guy who says he runs our country? You’d never guess what that no good, dictator did.”

“Why? What did he do this time?” said Achmed.

“That jerk had his soldiers come, drag me out of my house, kicked my dog, kicked my butt, and then stole my camel!”

“Really?” “That dictator guy sure is a jerk isn’t he?” responded Achmed.

“Yes he is!” “In fact, ya know what?”

“What’s that?” Asked Achmed

“I’m gonna call up my buddy, and tell him about this guy.” ”My friend does a lot of that internet stuff, and I bet he knows a way to get back at that jerk.” ”Because I’m pretty sure my buddy thinks he’s a jerk too…!”

Long story short;

We recently had a similar course of events occur that not only allowed a few people to vent, but also cause one country so far to be completely overthrown. All while initiating similar events region wide.

I’m pretty sure that most of us thought the end of the world was going to “start” in the Middle East!

Never would I have thought that it would happen the way it did, much less with the message of peace that came with it! And with a white dove of all things too. (Look down. See that little white dove on Twitters icon? Ironic isn’t it?)

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