A few old Singularity group discussion excerpts

July, 2011

F/B Group discussion

what do you think will happen if we start breeding human according to there behaviour (non aggression ) ? do you know what happened when it was done in wolves ?
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Will  I’d recommend you go over to the Eugenics group for an answer to this question.
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Will  If you implying that we’re going to be turning into “dog-like” humans, I would say we’ve already done that ourselves. Robots won’t have to do much more.
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Sean Here is a link to show you what happens when eugenics is made policy http://en.wikipedia.org/wi?ki/Holocaust
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Stan  ?Sean That is a slippery slope fallacy. To suggest ALL eugenics leads to the holocaust is erroneous. Our species would be much better off without harmful mutations (that cause birth defects, blindness, early death, etc).
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Sean  I think not. There is a difference between Eugenics and Genetic research. Even in the United States, as late as 1973 (when the practice finally stopped) certain southern states instituted a forced sterilization program on women who got pregnant before they came of age.
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Sean  All the mutations that cause birth defects, blindness and general unpleasantness are legitimate targets for genetic research, But eugenics is NOT genetic research, it’s selective breeding. Anytime you let the government have that kind of power over you, you run a very, very terrible risk of waking up one morning to find yourself living in a facist state.
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Richard  Personally, I’m one of those that kinda gives Darwin a bit more credit than some. In fact, I must admit, I accept his theory’s as law. That said, any significant jump or break in the evolutionary process will be risky. It is only arrogance and ignorance that lead us to believe that we are not a fragile species. But….? Then again, we do seem to have a setup that’s pretty well designed to begin with. And for the most part, what becomes weak and does break off, we can just read the code book, and figure out how to make one from scratch. (Or at least a high quality surgical steel! Here’s the true test. Would I be willing to stand by that? Sure! Sign me up. IDK if the guys only put in three before me, set it up and I’ll get my implants tomorrow. And if one of my family needed something new, remarkable, and makes perfect sense, but just came out? Given what I’m still learning, if it came from our model, yes. I would embrace the advancements in order to save my loved one. But my kid still don’t get her implants first!
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Roee  hey sean let me remind you that in the holocaust the nazi party’s target was to destroy one race and keep breeding another race
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Roee  this was done on the basis of Visual appearance and race and not on the base of behaviour as you can see I’m an israeli and jewish most of my family was destroyed over there !!! how ever Will was right on the money !! when you breed wolves according to there non aggression factor you get a new animal one who lives in synergy with other animals !!! up until today you can say human kind used aggression to evolve (army technology as a catalysers ) but on the other hand it taking us back to primitive ages as well !!! the combination of singularity with aggression is not just very dangerous it contradicts singularity as long as there aggression we will use singularity to destroy ourselves long before it will happen
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Richard , i absolutely agree
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Sean ?”this was done on the basis of Visual appearance and race and not on the base of behaviour” Does it matter how it was done? It was humans forcing their beliefs on others. It’s not an either or question, they are both bad ideas. I am sorry that you’re family had to go through such a terrible, black event that has stained the soul of mankind…but trying to use eugenics to correct behavior is just as morally repugnant and pointless as any other imposition by the majority on the minority; it’s pointless because, aside from a few genetic conditions, behavior is a learned thing, not something wired into our genome. Also, it doesn’t help that you talked about human breeding – it sounds very clinical and amoral! (O dpm
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Sean I’m not saying that you ARE coldly clinical and amoral – but eugenics is.
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Roee  sean i agree with everything you say about humans forcing their beliefs on others but……in 1994 1 million humans were slaughtered with machete knifes in ruanda africa (for example) shouldn’t the human race try to eradicate such behavior before talking about evolving and singularity ???
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Sean The behavior in question, the killing that happened in Rwanda, is the result of LEARNED behavior and horrible circumstance, not of a genetic predisposition. It’s not Eugenics that Rwanda needs, it’s food, education and medicine.
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Sean  ?”shouldn’t the human race try to eradicate such behavior before talking about evolving and singularity ???” – Now that’s an interesting question…I think that our capability for aggression and war are two things we might very well have need of as we start colonizing and exploring our galaxy. Of all the possible causes of Fermi’s paradox, I think war is the most likely. Competition for resources is something we see from the very lowest part of the kingdom of life all the way to the top – even the Universe itself seems almost maniacal prone to destruction and in-hospitality!

July, 2011

A singularity group talk

I am in the process of communicating with Aubrey and his wife to see if they would like to contribute their ideas on our wall.
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Carmelo  Absolutely amazing,to live forever is the ultimate symbol of vanity. Who cares when your are dead right? It’s inevitable for it to become fact, is inevitable like death.
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M.a.  I would agree to live longer or forever sounds vain sometimes but not all times.The problem with growing old is that everyone deals with their body degrading, You would be surprised if you could see how many people in their 50’s and 60’s …
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Sean  Awesome…I would very much like to hear from Aubrey de Grey directly – he is definitely one of the greatest visionaries of our age.
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Richard  Getting old, have you two gotten to really look at the discovery that strassman and Horvitz have unraveled?
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Richard  I think I see something there that I’m sure they do too, but I’m writing Dr, Strassman anyway
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Richard  If so, they ain’t kiddin’!
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Richard  Now I know where Ray hides all his money! Cancer research! Quicker payout when the new big computer gets up and running!
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M.a. Baer Hope you get in contact with him. I would like to see more dialogue with people who are professionals in the field on our wall.
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M.a.  I am not familiar with Strassman or Horvitz yet but I am anxious for you to share your findings with us.
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Richard Well, I kinda understand it like this,I’ve followed Dr. Strassman since his helmet days, and he sure narrowed and confirmed right on the spot
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Richard  That leads me to believe that they’re a little bit ahead of the game at the start w/a little bit of inside
July 5 at 3:13pm · Like

Richard  I think I might have a little insight, but this isn’t quite my field so my principle understandings might be slightly off
July 5 at 3:14pm · Like

Richard  My question to him is going to be, “Was I mistaken in the idea, that you guys left us a little Herring again? Darned Scientific guys keep hiding their best work
July 5 at 3:16pm · Like

Richard  I think it is a different cause though. I wonder, if  reptilians can mimic and or equal a mechanism in Homo sapians, wouldn’t;t that also go for complex Organics?
July 5 at 3:17pm · Like

Richard If so, could it be possible to have organic universals?
July 5 at 3:18pm · Like

Richard  Or, could something (organic) have a cause/effect reaction within a genome but enter as an irritant, allergy, or otherwise environmental external cause?
July 5 at 3:20pm · Like

Richard  I get the feeling, they are also in the know on how the chemical factory’s work. I think I took a little of that with me too
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a scale, justice type, add a pit on one side with an assortment of common   chemicals close, or readily absorbable, one on the other side, with different ones. Order comes down with order, and formula, factory pics up necessary amt of raw
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Richard  Factory absorbs, combines, and releases, flipping switch
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Richard  END
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Richard  Mark!!! Here’s where they get the idea of long life mAN!!!
July 5 at 3:26pm · Like

Richard  Did you read my response to the comment Felecia made?
July 5 at 3:26pm · Like

M.a. Yes I did, thanks!
July 5 at 3:28pm · Like

Richard Picture this. God uses science and a chia pet kit to create the complex organism that is us. He inserts things to make us different, to make us similar, to keep us running, to fix us in our sleep… Wait. Go back one.
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M.aSo if we mimic the body’s processes that occur while we are sleeping? then what
July 5 at 3:30pm · Like

M.a. Hope I am following you/
July 5 at 3:31pm · Like

Richard ?”Keep us running?” Yea…? “makes sense.” At least it did in Logan’s run! Remember, they had crystals that turned color indicating time for death. They used this a a populace control, that was equalized by births
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Richard  Maintaining equality, balance, and a fresh, circulatory type regeneration of cellular stuff
July 5 at 3:32pm · Like

M.a. Baer It absolutely makes sense
July 5 at 3:32pm · Like
Richard Brown Yea hugh! It’s kinda clear!
July 5 at 3:33pm · Like

Richard  Leads to other ideas that seem to support it kind of easily too
July 5 at 3:33pm · Like

Richard  I liked the description of the awareness
July 5 at 3:33pm · Like

Richard It made sense too. The only problem though, no matter how easy the picture, nobody’s going to want to see god die. I have to say to them, so we were wrong in where he lives just because he was talented enough to give un sensory perception?
July 5 at 3:35pm · Like

Richard I’ve been saving all my notes, all this stuff going on is actually panning out not only as true, but if it keeps it up, we’re going to have to get rid of all the statisticians, because it will all be figured out all ready.! lol (Sorry Felecia!:)
July 5 at 3:37pm · Like

Richard  I swear to God and all who will hear me! There is a stack of papers just waiting in line for that IT guy to show up with the new computer. Take the above as a for instance. They have the genome, they have the mechanism, they know the result…
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Richard Brown All they need is to be able to crunch the numbers and find the right combo. PIECE OF CAKE once that guy shows up:}
July 5 at 3:43pm · Like

M.a.One question I would have is, why were we programmed to expire at a certain time. Was this just a devotion or was this intentional? In the bible it says that no man will live past the age of 125 and we are still seeing people expire around …
See More
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M.a. Oldest verified person to live in the modern world. Jeanne Calment
21st February 1875 – 4th August 1997 Age: 122 years 164 days. Is this just a coincidence?
July 5 at 3:59pm · Like

Carmelo  I meant, Mark, not marketing. I’m sorry for misunderstanding.
July 5 at 4:28pm · Like

M.a. No Problem, Don’t worry ..Hehe
July 5 at 4:43pm · Like

Richard Well, Mark, once again, I too have an opinion. Go figure hugh! Ok, tension breaker NOW!!!
Wednesday at 12:26am · Like

Richard Sorry, writers block. Death in a lifetime. I thought I had a real quick answer for this one, but it’s causing me pause. I keep stopping at God.
Wednesday at 12:28am · Like

Richard Ya know what? IDK! Sorry, I guess I’m still working on this one!

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