Some Updates

My pages are very disorganized.

But I realized that it was time to update some of my followings in the world of robotics and A.I.

Most of these are known to you who have followed us here for a while. Other systems are clearly final designs of others we knew, that may not quite still look the same.

The LS3 is obviously the “Big Dog.”

Although Atlas is cool,

I still like Titan the best. 🙂

Now the “PETMAN.” is obviously the “android” of the future…:)

(Especially when you really see what it can do!)

And everyone knows “Cheetah!” What’s it up to now? 29.3 Mph? (I know what it says, but watch the video.)

Published on April 6, 2013 at 5:43 am  Leave a Comment  

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