Excerpt from "Occupy Movement" group on Facebook
Oct 18, 2011

Richard Brown 
Oh, Mark. Ever so insightful. And also, I must say, 

is probably pretty accurate as well from where I look. I 
agree. The fad will wear off. In fact, I think the next 
few weeks are going to see an appearance of continual 
rising support, but that statistically, the memberships 
will be less involved, less pro-active, and slightly  
lower in number. (Of seated Occupy locations). With 
the Winter and holiday seasons approaching, this will 
become more apparent. This will in no way stop, remove, 
quiet, disband, or destroy this movement however. The 
numbers alone indicate that there will be percentages 
of various groups performing certain actions. With two 
primary sides in physical conflict, the individual, 
seated, "Occupy's" and the municipalities that must 
support their infrastructures by re establishing or 
changing their controls. These types of protests are 
expensive, chaotic, disruptive, embarrassing, frustrating, 

and again, EXPENSIVE! This will force municipalities to 
become either more pro-active in their enforcement of 
municipal, County, State, and even possibly Federal laws. 
Different levels of conflict will arise, from peaceful 
compromise all the way to fatalities from and on both 
sides. Some municipalities will use their local media 
to attempt controls by attempting to create and maintain 
bias. They will also see varied results. Some will provide 
infrastructure to the movement. Creating "Parks," or "Free" 
Occupy locations. Local support groups will gain foundation 
in these environments, as they will have longer term 

opportunities at their disposal. Social service programs 
should be addressed locally for change, to support this 
infrastructure as "Homelessness" is a tenet of the primary 
complaint. (Corporate greed = poverty) To support their 
"Free" parks, or locations, these municipalities will have 
to utilize their own media sources. to either get approval 
for, or explain these actions. Therefore, media opportunities 
for positive promotion will also increase. Groups should 
initiate contact with all current social service 
organizations. Volunteer and advocacy groups, social service 
referral agency's, housing and development groups, and form 
established positions within their local municipalities. 

(Even only if used as a tactical weapon!)
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Richard Brown Ultimately? Like Mark. We just don't know!
October 18 at 11:11am · Like ·  1 person
Richard Brown Coming Soon! Some prediction results are in. I'll
have something posted by 10/27 A.M. Tank you and please check
back. Thank you!
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My latest comment to the above.
Oct 27, 2011
1. "This will force municipalities to become either more 

pro-active in their enforcement of municipal, County, State, 
and even possibly Federal laws. Different levels of conflict 
will arise, from peaceful compromise all the way to 
fatalities from and on both sides."

   Oct 26, 2011
   Occupy Oakland
   This morning, 500 police in riot gear came into camp 
firing tear gas and rubber bullets. 80 arrests. Thousands 
of people are in the streets now.

2. "Some municipalities will use their local media to attempt 

controls by attempting to create and maintain bias."

   Oct 18, 2011
   The idea that the protesters are dirty, having entered the 

conversation in the mainstream press, was quickly seized upon 
by conservative opinion media. Fox News aired an interview 
with Ann Coulter in which she called Occupy Wall Street a “
mob uprising” and said the protestors “are openly embracing 
their demonic aspects, and of course you see the results of 
that in the arrests, the defecating on police cars, the 
blocking of traffic, the blocking of pedestrians. 

3. "Some will provide infrastructure to the movement."

   Oct 25, 2011
   Occupy Baltimore
   ...and instead suggested a compromise that would allow Occupy 

Baltimore to continue to occupy McKeldin Square indefinitely.

   Occupy Baltimore recognizes that their requests are outside of 

the box for the city's existing permit system, but encourages the 

city to work alongside peaceful and respectful demonstrators to 

create a legal space where all voices can be heard.

4. "Some will provide infrastructure to the movement. Creating 
"Parks," or "Free" Occupy locations."

   Oct 20, 2011
   Occupy Maine
   City officials told Occupy Maine supporters they couldn’t camp 
in Monument Square, but offered to let them stay in Lincoln Park, 
a few blocks away. Since then, the number of tents and campers has 
grown, with the tents now taking up about a quarter of the 2.5-acre 
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