Medicine’s Approach

It looks like they’re finally starting to get it.I’ve often thought that many approaches in medicine resembled a backwards, brute force, trial and error approach to the problems. I mean, it makes more sense to me to use the body to heal itself using mechanisms it’s spent generations adapting to, integrating with, and perfecting.

Hasn’t anyone ever noticed the writings in medical inserts? One thing I’ve always found interesting is the phrase “The exact mechanism of action of (insert drug name) is not known,” but it works so…

That’s kind of like saying “The exact mechanism of flight is not known, but when used as directed, can decrease homesickness, regional boredom, and lack-of-travelitis. Stop flying if you experience loss of luggage, high levels of stress due to TSA searches, or sudden crashes to the ground.”

Take salt (Sodium Chloride) for instance. For years, salt has been linked to heart disease, and stroke. This was widely believed to be caused by salts association with an increase in blood pressure. Generally accepted cause was that the salt increased the volume of the blood. Which in turn put added pressure on the blood vessel walls.

Recent studies however have determined this to be incorrect. Salt stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to produce adrenalin. And it’s the adrenalin that constricts the arteries and causes the high blood pressure, not excess fluid volume.

So why does this matter? Well, for one thing, it means that the original thinking was incorrect. Which means, that any following treatment along those lines would be incorrect as well. Regardless of any successes. It also means that now that the true mechanism is known, more accurate studies can be done. (Isn’t it kind of funny also that the effects of Epinephrine have always been known to act very much the same yet no correlation was ever made?)

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about how pharmaceutical research is conducted. But if realistically possible, wouldn’t it seem easier to learn how to manipulate the body into using it’s own mechanisms to heal or control itself whenever possible? (At which point I would then probably be asked, ok, now what? You controlled the blood pressure by slowing down the production of Adrenalin, nut how the patient has no energy to sit up.)

Well, I only said “I’ve often thought.”

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