Ray quote from Mahr interview

This is a bit of a little Facebook conversation I had with a few people regarding Ray Kurzweil’s appearance on Bill Mahr’s show. “Yes it was, anybody notice the way the other panelist’s were looking at Ray in the first part of the interview? It was almost like they were in awe just to be in the presence of such an insightful and wise prophet! LOL They were hanging on his every word! After he spoke the first time at the opening, I thought Bill was going to direct back at him, and I thought, “HAHA, They’re going to discard the whole topic list, or show outline, or whatever they call it and use the time to try and ask the “wise one” what he saw in their futures, and what they should do! Which makes me ask, has anyone else noticed, that traditionally, most people who have proffered something so outrageous as “the end of humanity as we know it,” kind of prophesy is usually dismissed as insane, crazy, or just plain wrong? Normally, and in a case of science, all of the leading minds will come together and openly prove the individual wrong, even if obscure proofs, need to be used to do it? Then, the person is usually set aside and ignored until, proven wrong and forgotten? Anybody notice how NONE of this is done with regard to Mr. Kurtzweils theory? Everyone tends to agree, science, academia, world governments, leaders in Economy, and in many cases, religious leaders as well? Nobody has really challenged him successfully in open debate. No one has said, “if.” because most can see it too, and it becomes “when.”
For a society to grasp the concepts of something they don’t even really understand, I believe it becomes clear that the society knows these things as well, even if only in their sub-conscience. I think it shows a or level of concern, or a worry that stems from this knowledge, that drives the society to clamor for answers to the question of “What do we do?” This I believe is an area we are going to have to get a better, more concise understanding of this phenomenon of the psyche, in order to identify the centers involved, and exploit it to get society into the “works” stage of enacting change, instead of the “pacifist” mentality of, ‘Yes, I agree, someone should look into that,” or, “yes, but what are you going to do about it,” mentality? We as a species need to bring the awareness level of our potential future closer to the forefront of discussion, and do so in a way that jump-starts action, but not paranoid based panic. Only then will we be able to address areas such as religion, where dramatic changes in thinking are going to have to be made, with awareness, care,forethought and complete honesty of the groups leaders, to realize that the ways of the past, do not have to be discarded, or that the principles have changed, but that the ideals, and the systems of control these ideals, traditions, and disciplines utilize, that help to provide guidance along the journey, or controls to establish “acceptable norms,” that fit within the levels of the common group, are controls of the past, and that they too must be re examined and put up for change. These leaders in particular are going to be CRUCIAL in sending the aura of truth, and trust to society at such a level that dissension or dismissal by the groups is quelled. This is going to be especially difficult in areas such as religion. Doing this on a worldwide setting even more difficult. I do NOT feel that use of “word of mouth, or media direction, will truly have much impact on the whole of society in this instance. I DO believe they can, and hope to see that they WILL, be used, Ie. Once the leaders have agreed, use the social network to disseminate and help promote the ideals into new beliefs, and actions.”
“SHAPING” Richard Brown 2011

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