Recent Advances

Large Hadron Collider dipole magnets.
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Large Hadron Collider quadrupole magnets for d...

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One possible way the Higgs boson might be prod...

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10 years ago, any “ONE” of these would have created a world frenzy. Nobel nominations would be dueled over. Boys and girls from physics labs all over would be popular. And Dr. Michio Kaku would exclaim, “Oh Sh**! I was right!!!”

*Faster Than Light Particle Discovered

*Faster Than Light Particle Experiment #2 “CONFIRMED”
2nd Article

*Higgs Boson Discovered

*Higgs Boson Discovered by different collider

*New Elemental Particle Discovered

*Large Hadron Collider Creates “NEW” particle

*Quantum effects spotted in a visible object

*Quantum Entanglement Links Two Diamonds

*Ability to Bend Light with Matter

*Possible Cold Fusion Reactor

First Theory since Nutrino story broke

Metamaterials unveiled

NASA Sponsors award for “tractor Beam”
2nd ctory

* Direct relationship to “Laws of Physics”

I got this from
Those of you who aren’t familiar, I suggest you check them out.

I got a real kick out of this too.


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