Virtual Worlds

I’d just like to present a predictive future.

Take and follow the link below to get a general idea of what I’m talking about;

Virtual Worlds

Now, if you can.

Imagine the device as the size of a wherehouse with the hand as a whole body walking into it.

The person has a visual feed through his glasses that shows the
virtual world from the inside. Just like above, but from the inside of the box. (In theory, and by the basics, you would just increase the computational speed and power. More speed, power, and storage equals clearer resolution.)

The images seen would, change as the wearer does.
One way to do this could be to have a camera or two mounted to them that are programmed to film and identify “reference points” while tracking and making adjustments. Perhaps something like an XBox “Kinect” system attached to the wearer. (Once again, just a LOT more math, storage, and computations.)

But, if you want them to really experience it, have them wear a “body sensor.” (A device in development that uses micro electricity to simulate skin to air contact thus giving the sensation of “physical awareness.”)

For hearing and speech? Patch all audio through the visual.

And for now just leave “taste” alone.  (I’ve heard that the food there is pretty bland to begin anyway.)

Give the whole thing some time to develop a little bit, and you have a “Holodeck” so to speak.

Oh, and if you like, take the whole thing even further and drop the building, patch the program right into the cerebral cortex, and pull me out of the chair the moment I die.


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